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Vial of Life  
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Vial of Life Project

The Vial of Life Project (Life-saving Information For Emergencies) is free and easy! The program provides you with a system to store your medical history and have it accessible for emergency personnel, particularly if you are unconscious or unable to communicate.

It is crucial for first responders and hospital staff to be aware of your medical history, medications and allergies BEFORE they can properly and safely begin treatment. Please remember that is important to keep the information in the packet accurate and up-to-date.


You can print the form and decals from the links below or pick up a packet at Jefferson Township Police Headquarters:

Completing Forms

Please adhere to the following steps when filling out your forms:
  • Complete the form (remember to keep it up to date)
  • Place the form in a plastic baggie*, along with any other information that may be pertinent during an emergency, i.e., copy of EKG, living will, DNR, etc.
  • Place a decal in the baggie, facing out.
  • Tape the baggie to your refrigerator, located where responders can easily see it.
  • Place a decal on the front door or in the front window, alerting responders to look for the Vial of Life.

*The plastic baggie used can be any size of your choosing that will fit all of the documents you wish to include.  Typically, a gallon-size resealable bag can be used and should be appropriate for most people.

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