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Officer Joe Hale, SRO and Officer Ivan Rodriguez, CSO
               Shown in photo above (left to right):  Officer Joe Hale (School Resource Officer) and Officer Ivan Rodriguez
               (Community Services Officer-Retired)
Community Services/Crime Prevention
In 1987, a full-time Community Services/Crime Prevention Officer position was created. The main focus of the officer's duties is to assist residents in implementing crime prevention programs such as crime watch throughout the community to help reduce crimes and specifically burglaries. Its other focus is to introduce and facilitate a wide variety of crime prevention and community safety programs dealing with such topics as drug & alcohol abuse (D.A.R.E.), personal safety, home & business security surveys, as well as numerous other programs upon request.

The Community Services Officer also acts as the liaison to the numerous community  and business groups within Jefferson Township.  All business & residential alarm registrations are coordinated and maintained through this office.

The department receives numerous requests for tours of Police HQ from local Scouting groups, as well as requests from our local daycare centers for visits to introduce very young children to the police, as well as Senior Centers to talk to Senior Citizens about ways to stay safe (click here to view our Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors).  These requests can be arranged through the Community Services Officer as well.

Community Services also coordinates the department's DNA LifePrint, Vial of Life and Special Needs programs. For the DNA LifePrint program, parents will need to complete a permission form, which can be accessed here.  For the Vial of Life program, interested residents can either print the kit from our website (by clicking on the Vial of Life link at the beginning of this paragraph), or come to headquarters to pick one up (advance notice required for this option).  The Special Needs program allows elderly, ill and/or homebound residents to enroll or to be enrolled by their caregivers to have the police check on them regularly.  To enroll in our Special Needs program, click on the Special Needs link at the beginning of this paragraph, fill out and return the form.  Community Services also coordinates and  runs National Night Out and our annual Jr. Police Academy.  For residents without computer access or without the ability to print, all forms referred to which need to be completed to enroll in any of our programs can also be picked up at our police headquarters or mailed upon request.

In addition, Community Services also works in close cooperation with the Morris County Sheriff's Office to operate and maintain the Project Lifesaver program, which gives caregivers of elderly or ill patients piece of mind that the person they are caring for will have an extra set of eyes watching in case of wandering or becoming lost.  Interested residents or caregivers must enroll in this program directly through the Morris County Sheriff's Office, by either clicking the Project Lifesaver link above, or calling 973-285-6685.  Once enrolled, our Community Services officer will be notified by the Morris County Sheriff's Office and will schedule a visit with you to explain additional details on how the program works.

Detective Joseph Kratzel is currently assigned as the Community Services Officer.  He can be contacted at 973-697-1300, or you may email him by clicking here and locating his email link.


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