William F. Craig
Chief of Police

1033 Weldon Rd
Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849

973 697 1300 Police HQ
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Chief of Police

William Craig currently serves as the Chief of Police.  The Chief of Police, as a department head, is directly accountable to Mayor Russel Felter, who serves as the Director of Public Safety.  The Police Chief's responsibilities encompass the whole of the police function, from delegation of authority and assignments, to serving as the final authority in disciplinary matters, budgeting and departmental policy.  The officers under his comand derive their police powers from his legislative authority.

Chief Craig can be reached at 973-208-6151 or you may email him by clicking on his email link on our Contact Information page.


Chief's Administrative Assistant:  Shelley Ebbinghouser currently serves as the Police Chief's Administrative Assistant and is responsible for processing all of the paperwork and requests from the Chief's Office.  She also serves as the Township's Emergency Management Recording Secretary.

Mrs. Ebbinghouser can be reached at 973-208-6151 or you may email her by clicking on her email link on our Contact Information page.


Police Clearance Letters
If you are in need of a police clearance letter from the Police Chief indicating you have no police records in Jefferson Township, please go to the Service Requests link in the navigation bar at the top of this page and complete the Police Clearance Letter request form.  You will be contacted when your letter is ready.  Letters take 1-5 days, depending on the volume of requests received by our Records Bureau on any given day.  Please also keep in mind that, if you need the letter for planned travel to another country, or to complete a transaction in another state, the date of the letter may need to be close to the date of travel/arrival (i.e., two weeks, or one month), and you should therefore check the list of requirements for the organization/agency requiring the letter before making the request for the police clearance letter.


Disabled Parking Placards

A new Persons with a Disability law went into effect August 1, 2013, concerning the issuance, qualifications, and style of the temporary disabled parking placard.
In summary, a person applying for a temporary disabled parking placard will receive a temporary parking placard valid for only 6 months.  At the end of 6 months, if they are still in need of temporary disabled parking privileges for the same temporary disability, they may re-apply for one more temporary disabled parking placard which will be valid up to 6 months.  This second 6-month period will require completion of another application, another $4 fee, and another visit to their physician.  When the second 6-month placard expires, no further placards can be issued to that person for that temporary disability.  At that point, if they are still in need of disabled parking privileges for the original temporary disability, they may apply for a permanent disabled parking placard, which has a different application, no fee, and can be obtained from any local NJ Motor Vehicle Commission office.

Please be advised of the following important information:

  • Temporary disabled parking placards are available for Jefferson Township residents through the Office of the Chief. If you live elsewhere, you must apply for and receive your placard from the Police Department having jurisdiction where you reside, including those who receive police services from NJ State Police.
  • The Application for a Temporary Disabled Parking Placard can be picked up at our Police window, or at any NJ Police Department, as it is the same application statewide. However, regardless of which police department you picked up your application from, your completed application must be turned in to the Chief's Office of the Police Department where you reside.
  • A doctor's prescription is not necessary for a temporary disabled parking placard and may not be submitted in lieu of a properly completed application.
  • All completed applications must be accompanied by a check or money order (cash not permitted), payable to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, or "NJ MVC."
  • Only one temporary disabled parking placard can be issued per person. This rule also applies to couples, meaning that each person in a couple must obtain their own temporary disabled parking placard.
  • The placard can be used in any vehicle the disabled person named on the placard is riding in.
  • Improperly completed applications and applications submitted without the required fee in the form of a check or money order (NO CASH) will delay the issuance of a placard until corrections are made and/or fee is submitted. There will be no exceptions.

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Permanent Disabled Parking Placards Are Not Available Through The Office Of The Chief.
Persons with permanent disabilities may choose to obtain a permanent disabled parking placard, which can only be accomplished through the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission.  To do so, you must complete this application (remember to have your physician complete his/her part of the application also), and bring it into any NJ MVC office, where the permanent disabled placard and/or license plates and corresponding Disabled Persons ID card will be issued while you wait. There  Click here for instructions on completing the application. 

  • If your permanent disabled parking placard is lost or stolen, you may have it replaced by bringing your Disabled Persons ID card and valid driver's license to any local NJ Motor Vehicle Commission office, and you will be issued a new permanent disabled parking placard and a new disabled persons ID card.

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