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Media Brief
Release Date: October 01, 2013

Media Release


9/4/2013, Burglary Attempt, PO Rich Riena- A resident of White Oak Court reported that at approx. 0438 hours she heard a ripping noise but did not observe damage at that time. Later in the day she observed that the screen of her rear sliding door had been cut in the area of the lock. No entry to residence. Det. Joseph Kratzel responded.


9/4/2013, Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, Sgt. Tim McBride- A 17 year old Jefferson Twp. male was arrested for possession of marijuana in the parking lot near the McDonalds in Milton. Sgt. McBride observed a small zip lock bag and pill bottle containing suspected marijuana in the juvenile?s vehicle. The driver was issued motor vehicle summons for possession of a controlled dangerous substance in a motor vehicle  and was later turned over to the custody of his father. Juvenile complaints pending.


09/09/2013, Burglary/Theft, PO Eric Sudak- A resident of Wisconsin Drive reported that at approximately 11:15 hours she left the residence and returned at approximately 13:30 hours. She noticed the rear sliding door to the residence was slightly ajar. She checked the residence and observed that the Xbox 360 gaming console was missing. Det/Sgt. Jim Caruso responded. 


09/10/2013, DWI, Assault on Officers, Resisting Arrest, PO Jeremy Romash-  Officers responded to Heather Hills Drive for a report of dispute involving an intoxicated individual. Heather Parkot age 29 of Jefferson Twp. was arrested and charged with DWI, careless driving, driving while suspended, disorderly conduct, defiant trespass, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. She was later released pending a Municipal Court appearance.  


9/11/2013, Suspicious Activity/Criminal Mischief, PO Chris Quidort- A resident of Chelsea Drive reported that between 2030 hours on 09/10/2013 and 0530 hours on 09/11/2013, and unknown actor(s) tossed grass clippings and miscellaneous yard debris near the curb on his driveway. While checking the driveway, the owner also noticed a large amount of nails in the driveway. Resident also reported that last week an unknown actor also filled his mailbox with cement.


9/11/2013, Criminal Mischief, PO Chris Quidort- A resident of Schoolhouse Road reported that sometime between 09/10/2013 at 2000 hours and 09/11/2013 at 0800 hours, an unknown actor(s) shot four paint balls at his home striking the siding and window causing a small tear in his window screen.  


9/12/2012, Criminal Mischief, PO Matt Cannarozzi- A resident of Wildwood Road reported that unknown actor(s) cut a small slit in her right front tire.




9/13/2013, Road Rage, PO Tim Hecht- Michael Boselli age 48 of Jefferson Twp. and Steven Carey age 18 of Hardyston involved in dispute where Carey allegedly tailgated Boselli from Holland Mountain Road to Route 15. Boselli exited his vehicle at the intersection of Berkshire Valley Road and Route.15 and allegedly punched and broke Carey?s side view mirror. Boselli was charged with criminal mischief and Carey with careless driving.


9/13/2013, Attempted Burglary, PO Justin Gjelsvik- A resident of Woodland Drive reported that unknown actor(s) attempted to gain entry to her residence by kicking in a side door to her garage. Entry was not made. 


9/14/2013, Theft, PO Rich Riena- A resident of Mirror Place went away for the night on and left their 15 year old son at home. The 15 year old let some of his friends into the residence. After his friends had left it was observed that multiple items were missing from the residence.  The items stolen were reported as a PS3 games and controllers, two guitars, several digital cameras and an assortment of jewelry. Incident under investigation.


9/15/2013, Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, Sgt. Tim McBride, PO Tim Hecht, PO Justin Gjeslvik- Kaitlyn Krakowiak age 23 of Sparta stopped for passing on a double yellow line. She then provided Sgt. McBride with false name.  Located in the vehicle were 29 folds of suspected heroin and assorted drug paraphernalia. The driver was arrested and charged with possession of heroin and later released pending a Municipal Court appearance.


09/17/2013, Assault, Resisting Arrest, Throwing Bodily Fluids on a Police Officer- Sgt. Robert Bush, PO Chris Quidort, Cpl. Bryan Christie, PO Chet Glazewski- Andrew Burkhardt age 22 of Jefferson Twp. was arrested after patrol responded to the residence on a reported dispute.  Burkhardt was advised he was under arrest was allegedly highly intoxicated and refused to comply with orders to place his hands behind his back.  After being placed in the detention cell at police headquarters he began to punch and kick the walls causing injury to himself. An ambulance was requested and as he was being placed in an ambulance, he purposely spit on PO Glazweski. Burkhardt was transported to St. Clare?s Denville. He was charged with Assault, Resisting Arrest and, Throwing Bodily Fluids on a Police Officer.  He was later released pending a Municipal court appearance.


9/22/2013, Burglary/Theft, PO Brian Seeley- A resident of Dacotah Trail reports that sometime between 9/15/13 and 9/22/13, unknown actor(s) removed (2) 19? televisions, a leather jacket, a wedding dress and a lawn mower from the residence. House is for sale and a home inspection was done on recently. No sign of forced entry. Det. Sgt. Caruso responded.


9/22/2013, Attempted Burglary, PO Matt Cannarozzi- A resident Bitt Road reported that he heard his unlocked shed door open. He turned on an outside light and went out to the shed to investigate. Nothing missing from shed.



9/27/2013, DWI, Child Endangerment, Det. Rich Geib- Detective Geib arrested and charged George Breen age 48 of Jefferson Twp. with DWI and Child Endangering after being stopped for failing to yield on Berkshire Valley Road. The Officer determined that he driver was allegedly intoxicated and placed him under arrest. The driver had his three children in the vehicle. The driver was later released pending a Municipal Court appearance.   


9/29/2013, DWI, PO Ryan McGowan- Norman Nutt age 53 of Morristown arrested and charged with DWI after he was observed driving erratically by Sparta PD. Sparta observed and stopped him in Jefferson Twp. PO McGowan who investigated further and determined that Nutt was possibly intoxicated. He was later released pending a Municipal Court appearance.


9/29/2013, Burglary, Theft, PO Dave Wroblewski- A resident of Ohio Street reported the theft of a Generac Generator from an unlocked shed.


9/29/2013, Shoplifting, PO Matt Cannarozzi- A 17 year old female from Little Falls was taken into custody for shoplifting after being observed concealing assorted makeup products in her purse by the CVS manager. Total theft $49.45. She was turned over to her father. Juvenile complaints pending.


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