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    Disabled Parking Placard Applications
          Permanent Disabled Parking Application
If you have a permanent disability, you must use this application to obtain a permanent (blue) disabled parking placard. Permanent Placards are issued by the NJ Motor Commission. With this application, you can obtain a Permanent Disabled Parking Placard and/or Wheelchair Symbol License Plates. You are permitted to have one of each if you wish. Make the appropriate selections on the application. When you have completed all sections that apply to you on this application, you must sign and date in all places required. You must then have your doctor complete his/her sections and sign and date on the appropriate line. A prescription IS required for a Permanent Placard or Plates. There is NO fee. If you require license plates, you must attach a copy of your current motor vehicle registration to the application. Bring your completed application, prescription, NJ Driver's License, and copy of your registration (if you are applying for wheelchair plates) to any local motor vehicle office. The placard (and corresponding disabled persons ID card) will be issued while you wait.
          Temporary Disability Placard Application
If you have a temporary disability from which you will recover in less than one (1) year, use this application to obtain a temporary disabled parking placard (red). You must fill this form out with your personal information and sign and date it, then take it to your doctor and have him/her complete and sign it. There is no prescription required for a temporary disabled parking placard, however, there IS a $4.00 fee. If you wish to wait while your placard is prepared, call 973-208- 6151 and make an appointment with Shelley. You may also drop off the application (and check or money order) off any time 24/7 and you will be contacted when it is ready. In this case, please write a phone number where you can be reached on the top of the application. All applications must be accompanied by a check or money order (NO CASH) in the amount of $4.00, payable to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, or "NJ MVC."

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